Easy to Own and Operate

Evinrude Outboard E250DHLSCS Three-Year Limited Warranty
No Scheduled Dealer Maintenance for
Three Years of Normal Recreational Use
No Operational Break-In Procedure
Easy Starts (no choking or priming)
Digital Engine Management
Self Flushing Cooling System
Long Term Storage Design
Simplified Winterization Procedure
Digital Diagnostics

Low Oil Usage
CANbus Capable
Durable and Reliable

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Full Corrosion Protection
Evinrude E-TEC Lubrication System
Auto-Calibrated Linkage
Robust, Heavy-Duty Design
Extra Capacity Water Pump
Iridium Spark Plugs
Vibration Isolated Electronics
Beltless 50 Amp Dual Isolated
Charging System

Stainless Steel Thermostats
Nickel/Chrome-Faced Piston Rings
Micro Finished Connecting Rods/Crankshaft
Cleaner and Quieter

EPA Emissions Compliance
European Union Emissions Compliance
California 3-Star Emissions Compliance*
Sealed Fuel System
Low Friction Design (No powerhead
gears, belts, cams, oil scraping rings,
or mechanical oil pump)
Full Length Insulated Lower Pans
Quiet Signature Sound
Air Intake/Silencer
Idle Air Bypass

Engine Type
210 cu. in. (3441 cc)
90° V, 6 Cylinder, Two-Cycle, E-TEC
250 HP – 4500 to 6000 RPM
Full Throttle Operating
HP – 5000 to 6000 RPM
250 HP – 250 HP (187 kw) @ 5250 RPM
HP – 300 HP (224 kw) @ 5500 RPM
Idle RPM in Neutral(2)
Ignition Timing(2)
500 ± 50
Controlled by the outboard’s EMM
Emission Control System:     ECM, E-TEC (Engine Control Module, E-TEC)
per SAE J1930(2)
Fuel Requirements(2)
87 Pump Posted AKI (90 RON) – Refer to Fuel Requirements
on page 15
Oil – Lubricant
Evinrude/Johnson XD100 oil or TC-W3 NMMA-certified oil
Refer to Oil Requirements on page 14
Warning Signals
Controlled by the outboard’s EMM
Battery, Minimum(3)(4)
675 CCA (845 MCA) 12 volt or
CCA (1000 MCA) 12 volt below 32°F (0°C)
Spark Plug(2)
Refer to ECI Label

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