Brand New Yamaha Outboard Motor 2-stroke (L) 70 hp

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Yamaha Outboard Motor 2-stroke (L) 70 hp

Brand: Yamaha

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Yamaha 70BETOL Outboard Motor

High performance & fuel economy

Wherever people take to the water for fun and leisure the Yamaha name has long meant power you can trust. Spirited power from the bottom to the top of the speed range with sharp response all along the way.
Power comes from Yamaha s proven 3-cylinder engines with their winning combination of loop charging and pulse tuning that delivers both outstanding fuel economy and smooth responsive acceleration.
With Yamaha`s Oil Injection System that constantly monitors engine load to inject just the right amount of oil, you don t have to mess with pre-mixing the gasoline and the oil. And with our Micro-Computer Ignition System that comes as standard equipment on the larger models, you’ll rest assured that the engine is always running finely tuned and with optimum fuel efficiency.
Yamaha 70BETOL Outboard Motor Features                                                                                                                             

3-Cylinder Engine & Loop Charging – High performance & fuel economy
Maintenance Free CDI – high-performance reliability & sure start
Oil Injection – convenience
Wide Range Power Trim & Tilt (PTT) – convenience & high performance
Micro-Computer Control – high-performance reliability & sure start
Prime Start – sure start
Start-In-Gear Prevention – convenience
Over-Rev Limiter Overheat Warning & Oil Level Warning – reliability
Special Aluminium Alloy (YDC-30) 5-stage Multiple Coating Self-Sacrificing Anodes – anti-corrosion

Type : Carb
Engine Type : 3-Cylinder
Displacement : 849cc
Output : 51.5kw
Compression Ratio : 6.1
Ignition System :
Gear Ratio : 12:28 (2.33)
Weight : 105.5
Bore x Stroke : 72×69.5mm
Max Operating Range : 5000-6000rpm
Scavenging/induction : Loop Charging
O/M Transom Height : 521mm/20.5in

7 reviews for Brand New Yamaha Outboard Motor 2-stroke (L) 70 hp

  1. HenryCedly


  2. Vladimir

    i needed a 70hp 4 stroke, but they recommended me 2 stroke, i replaced on my boat and it’s working perfectly

  3. Balashi


  4. Mikhailova

    Good service!

  5. Roman

    i needed a 70hp 4 stroke, but they recommended me 2 stroke, i replaced on my boat and it’s working perfectly

  6. Dimitris Touloupis

    Very good customer experience and service.

  7. Saxberg

    This guys are amazing, ordered a 70HP with them within 3 weeks it was delivered to me. thank you Burkov

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