Yamaha E40XMHL Outboard Engine Specs

Type: Enduro range
Engine Type: 2-Cylinder
Displacement: 703cc
Output: 29.4kw @ 5000 rpm
Compression Ratio: 6.0
Ignition System: 0
Gear Ratio: 26:13 (2.0)
Weight: 72kg
Bore x Stroke: 80 X 70mm
Max Operating Range: 4500-5500rpm
Scavenging/induction: Loop charging
O/M Transom Height: 550mm / 21.7in

E40XMHL Features

Long Span Mounting System – Low Vibration
Single Unit PTT – Convenience
5 – Stage Multiple Coating – Anti-corrosion
Long-Life Piston/Piston Rings – Durability
Alternator – Convenience
Special Aluminium Alloy: YDC-30 – Anti-corrosion
Engine Stop Switch Lanyard – Convenience
Loop Charging – High Performance – Fuel Economy
Start-In Gear Prevention – Convenience
Extremely Durable Crankshaft – Durability
Maintenance-Free CDI – High Performance – Reliability – Sure Starter
Sturdy Gears and Gear Case – Durability
Front Shift – Convenience
Manual Starter – Convenience
Sub Water Inlet – Reliability
Hard Chrome-Plated Water Pump – Durability
Over-Rev Limiter – Reliability
Thermostatic Cooling Control – Reliability
Integrated Hour Meter – Serviceability
Overheat Warning – Reliability
Throttle Friction – Convenience
Labyrinth Exhaust System – Low noise
Pilot Water Hole – Over-heat warning
Wide Range PTT – Convenience – High Performance
Large Capacity Water Pump – Reliability
Self-Sacrificing Anodes – Anti-corrosion


Yamaha E40XMHL Outboard Engine

The Yamaha E40XMHL is a 2 stroke, 40 horsepower outboard with a manual starter and tiller handle. It has a transom height of 20in.
Working Class Heroes.

For more than thirty years Yamaha has been supplying reliable, heavy-duty outboards to the most demanding boaters of all : the people who make their living on the water. These Enduro outboards are designed from the bottom up to take the strain of long continuous hours of hard use.

Years of rigorous testing have produced features that make the difference between a motor that goes the distance and those that quit along the way.

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