Yamaha Outboard Motor 2-stroke (S) Enduro 25hp

Yamaha Outboard Motor 2-stroke (S) Enduro 25 hp
Brand: Yamaha

Vendor SKU: E25BMHS



Model Enduro 25 Short Shaft 2-Stroke. Specifications: Cylinders: 2. Compression ratio: 2.08. Shaft (S) 16″. Prop shaft hp: 25 hp @ 5000 rpm. Weight: 120 lb. Control: Gear – fwrd, neutral and reverse. Features: Manual trim & tilt method, loop-charged scavenging creates a circular flow for efficient removal of exhaust gas and even distribution of air-fuel mixture, a lanyard clips to clothing or around the wrist, stopping the engine immediately if the operator leaves the helm, shallow water drive, start-in-gear prevention, extremely durable crankshaft, long life piston/piston ring, sturdy gears and gear case.

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