Cummins 4BT engine

4BT Extended Long Block Engines:

Our component build extended long block packages come with most everything you need to replace your existing failed engine. These Cummins 4BT Engines are built with brand new ISO 9001 parts, to exact OEM tolerances and have less than a 1% parts failure rate. As a guide a component build is about 90% OEM parts 10% aftermarket when available. These are units are perfect for a customer looking to replace an existing 4B assembly but also needs a new turbo or oil pump etc… As a guide an extended long block is about 75% built out and is best used in conjunction with an existing 4B. Most customers will reuse existing workable parts off of their old engine as needed. We do not sell adapter plates, torque converters, transmissions/PTOs, axles, suspensions, hydroboosts, air cross over tubes, throttle linkages, radiators, differentials or motor mounts with extended long block packages. Additionally, extended long blocks do not come with starter, alternator, flywheel, flywheel housing (SAE#2 or SAE #3) but are available for additional one off purchase if failed on the customer’s engine. Most customers reuse those components as they rarely fail. Extended long block builds are run tested prior to shipment. Our extended long block

Remanufactured Diesel Engines

  • Looking for a used diesel engine? Consider a remanufactured engine instead. All remanufactured engines come with a full one year parts warranty. Buy with confidence.
  • Thinking about rebuilding an engine core? Save money, time and hassle. Buy a remanufactured diesel engine instead and get your equipment up and running a lot faster.
  • In stock ready to ship or built to your specifications.

Experience the power of diesel! Our Cummins 4BT Engines are the best in the business. Whether you are looking to replace small industrial equipment or are looking to upgrade to diesel through a 4BT Jeep Swap we will get you up and running. The Cummins 4BT Engine is a workhorse in its own right offering torque when you need it and the durability to run at full load for long periods of time.

We offer two types of Cummins 4BT Engines: Long blocks and Extended Long Block Engines.


4BT Long Blocks Engines:

Cummins 4BT Surplus EngineOur long blocks are perfect for someone who already has an older Cummins 4BT and is looking to simply replace the worn hard internal parts of the engine and then reuse ancillary parts. As a guide a long block is about 50%-75% a complete build. Think of the “guts of the engine” but nothing dressing it out. To educate customers specifically about long blocks we have created a 4B long block informational page here. Note we also offer a Cummins 4.5 L ISB/QSB long block (rear gear train and front gear train). Our traditional long-block 4B engine includes:

4BT Engine Models:

• 4BT 105 HP – (Inline A Pump)
• 4BTA 130 HP – (Inline A Pump)
• 4BTAA 140 HP – (Rotary or P-7100 Fuel Pumps)

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