Yamaha 2-Stroke 50TLRC

You are bidding on the 50 horsepower YAMAHA outboard boat motor that you see in the pics. This nice, clean motor starts right up and runs really nice. This motor is in excellent shape and completely original with no welds, damage, repairs or repainting. All of the paint and decals are original and still have their original shine. This motor truly is in remarkable condition, you can see it has been very well taken care of and spent most of its life indoors. The only defect is a small tear in the 50 decal on the front of the hood. Otherwise it is nearly spotless. Under the hood is super clean as well. The lower skeg is original with only a few very minor chips and scratches. The prop is in excellent condition, has a fresh coat of paint and is included in the sale. This motor runs extremely well, starts right up, idles nice low and smooth, throttles up with no hesitation, has great power and pumps cooling water well. The compression checked out perfect at just over 120psi on all three cylinders, so you know it does not have a lot of run time on it. The motor shifts into forward, neutral and reverse smoothly and the power tilt works just as it should. This is a Wisconsin motor so has never been used in saltwater and only seen short summers. The motor is a long shaft (made for a boat with a 20″ transom), remote operated, oil injected 2-stroke(built in oil tank), 3-cylinder with electric start and power tilt and trim. This protection is standard on all the Yamaha Midrange 70-, 60- and 50-horsepower two strokes

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